About Us

Secure Health is a third party administrator (TPA) and preferred provider organization (PPO) network located in Macon, Georgia. We are owned by physician-hospital organizations and have managed health benefits for employers with self-funded health benefit plans since 1992. Today, we serve over 72 health plans in multiple states across the U.S.

Beginning in 2023, we have entered into a strategic partnership with MedCost to build a better TPA. This will allow us to provide the level of support of a national TPA with the customer service experience, and feel, of a local TPA.

Our primary goal is to minimize costs while providing excellent service for our members. Our services are designed to help members become healthy and stay healthy. Each plan is tailored to its unique population, and our results illustrate greater coordinated medical care, member satisfaction, and lower overall plan costs.

Call us at 800.648.7563 to begin improving the health of your employees


We keep your dollars local

We strongly believe that healthcare is local and that keeping care close to home results in quality care for the patient and a better overall care experience for both the patient and family. Keeping the care local results in lower costs for the employer and provides economic benefits to the community. Secure Health offers members a comprehensive network of local hospitals, physicians, and ancillary services in Middle Georgia and surrounding areas. For our clients who reside outside of the primary service area, we partner with regional and national networks to provide convenient access to comprehensive care at competitive prices.